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Roi Benitez

digital anthropologist

I love to

discover the unknown

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I am a digital anthropologist, humanist futurist, catalyst of disruptive transformation processes and professor. I bring a pioneering, rigorous and humanistic approach to innovate with emerging technologies.

Part thick data geek, anthropology of design and product mindset, my conviction that technology should be at the service of humanity is the common thread running through my work and career. I am the founder of Skills4Future a think-and-do-tank that surfs the intersection between anthropology, technology and digital culture making change happen through the transformation of people. I work with a systemic, appreciative and human-centered approach.


MA in Digital Management Candidate (Hyper Island), MA in Social Anthropology (University of San Martín), Diploma in Political Communication (Austral University), and Bachelor's Degree in Public and Institutional Relations (University of Business and Social Sciences).


I received recognition, scholarships and international awards from ITEC scholarship by the Ministry of External Affairs of India, Scholarship of the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of China, Vital Voices Global Partnership (50 women leaders from Cono Sur), Junior Chamber International (10 outstanding young people from Argentina), semifinalist of the Women that Build Award (Globant), The 50 newest mentors in Service Design 2024 (ADP List) and 35 Government Talent Pioneers for 2024 (Apolitical).

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I use anthropology as a means to

look at and understand the complex world



I work with companies, governments and international organizations conducting ethnographic immersions that propose agile and early diagnoses helping you turn social data into actionable insights.

I publish articles in national and international media and universities.I design frameworks and methodological frameworks. 

My field of study includes behavior, organizational learning, technology and digital culture. I am interested in understanding the incidence of social scientists in the creation of algorithms and how algorithmic biases affect human decisions.

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I participate in conferences, seminars and panels to talk to different audiences about contemporary discussions in the field of anthropology, technology and learning. I give talks and lectures for organizations around the world.


What is it like to be a human in a world traversed by technology?
How can we connect more and better with our users? How can we learn today and fast? How do we prepare for the future (and present) of work? How do we turn our organizations into lifelong learning spaces? How do we accelerate robot-proof skills in our teams?

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    Join +6k people in Fragmentary,
    Humanity augmented by technology.

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